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Welcome to Tech Disti

Introducing some exciting, high-perfomance network cabling solutions. In the spirit of continual improvement, we are excited to introduce some enhancement to your network. Every single touch of wiring and cabling from Tech Disti makes your work environment better.

Tech Disti
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Assembled in truth also honest statements, we conform to moral ethics and values in our company.


Accountable and liable front-runners who generate real concepts in the course of guiding the team to the accurate direction and progresses good business for clients.


Fast-track team's performance over the course of conversing concepts, passing on responsibilities, interacting and following all advancement in a unique state.

Our Vision

To supply the perfect networks to meet the immediacy factor to all industries in Malaysia and world at large.

Our People

Our employees take great pride in serving our customers and leading by example.

Corporate Responsibilities


Products are environment friendly and cause no harm to the environment.

The communities
we serve

Big or small, all we serve! In keeping with our vision, we supply the perfect network to all industries in Malaysia and world at large.